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Find a variety of options for our B2B customers from industries listed below. As a manufacturer, we can offer our stock dishcloths in larger quantities to satisfy your business’s needs.

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A specialty sponge cloth made from a mixture of cellulose and cotton.

The proprietary formula combines the benefits of a regular dishcloth, with the high absorption properties of a sponge.

Think about environmental impact.

Besides having the best cleaning option, using Swedish dishcloths means to support a eco-friendly cause.

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Natural Materials

Swedish dishcloths are made 30% of cotton and 70% of Cellulose.


Drying out very quickly helps to prevent odors from developing on the dishcloth.

Odor resistant

The fibers of the cloth naturally repel bacteria that cause clothes to be smelly.







Naturally Resistant to Odors

Swedish dishcloths dry extremely quickly. As a result, odor-causing bacteria has less of a chance to grow and proliferate.

Odor resistance of Swedish Dishcloths

Odor resistance of traditional dishcloths

Super Versatile

Clean kitchen sinks, pots and pans. Wipe the tiles inside your bathroom. Get rid of the dust on your bookshelf, or clean spilt juice from your sofa.

What can do Swedish Dishcloths

What can do alternative options


Thanks to the quick-drying properties of cotton and cellulose, though, bacteria are much less likely to grow on our dishcloths.

Antimicrobial properties of Swedish Dishcloths

How easy is to clean alternatives

Super Easy to Clean

You can wash them in washing machine, dishwasher or you can also sanitize it by putting it in the microwave for one to two minutes.

How easy is to clean Swedish Dishcloths

How easy is to clean alternatives

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Why Work With Swedish Wholesale As Your Sponge Cloth Manufacturer?

At Swedish Wholesale, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality of Swedish dishcloths due to a unique and proprietary manufacturing process that’s unmatched by other cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers. Additionally there are certain qualities that make Swedish dishcloths stand out when compared to regular dishcloths or disposable paper towels.

Benefits of Promoting with Custom Dishcloths are more tangible than you think.

Printing on dishcloths is a great way to promote your business. For instance, you can print your company’s logo and contact information on cloths for clients. If you own a store or a restaurant, you can also use them as means of ongoing advertisement.

Your Print Will be Visible For a Long Time

We mentioned this earlier, but cellulose dishcloths are durable; this means that the prints will be visible for a long time. To give you a better idea, they can easily be used for up to several months before wearing out. You can see how this is ideal for advertising—at the end of the day, you want your print to be visible for as long as possible after all. The same goes for if you plan on using it as a gift!

Support an Eco-Friendly Cause

Swedish dishcloths are 100% biodegradable. By printing on these fabrics, you will be supporting an eco-friendly cause. Not only are the materials themselves all-natural, but CO2 emissions are also minimized during their production. All in all, it will help to decrease our carbon footprint. Of course, it will also reflect nicely on your brand.

How Does Printing on Cellulose Swedish Dishcloths Work?

As mentioned earlier, Swedish dishcloths retain dyes well; this makes the entire printing process a lot easier. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about the ink coming off of the fabric (something that often happens with synthetic materials).

Using a Printing Press

A printing press is a good investment if you plan on printing in bulk. Convenient and easy to use, it will allow you to print a considerable amount of dishcloths in a small amount of time (e.g. >1000 a day).

Using Stencils

Stencils are a great option if you plan on just printing a few dishcloths. After putting together your design, create the shape using a thick piece of paper. Carefully cut it out and place it on your cloth. From there, carefully apply the ink or paint using a soft brush or sponge. Do not apply too much otherwise it will seep it under the paper. When you’re done, pull away the paper and let it dry.

North-America’s largest distributor.

If you are interested in working with Swedish Wholesale to supply your company with premium cellulose sponge cloths please let us know.

North-America’s largest distributor.