Boutique Shop Finds – Unique Items & Exclusive Gifts From Small Boutique Shops

There are many unique items you can find in a boutique shop, whether you’re looking for household items, clothing, accessories, purses, or shoes. Boutiques are cool because they are trendy, stylish, and also carry a variety of products for both men and women. Whether you’re really skinny or you’re a plus-sized shopper, you’ll find that a boutique will carry just the item you’re looking for. There is more than just clothing items in a boutique though, and we wanted to tell you about some of these unique items.

Unique Items That You’ll Find in A Boutique Shop

Swedish Dishcloths – One item you might not expect to find in a boutique shop but that you should definitely purchase are Swedish Dishcloths. These dishcloths are biodegradable and are made from cellulose and cotton for a natural way to clean all kinds of surfaces in your home. Swedish dishcloths can replace kitchen sponges, paper towels, and napkins all for the cost of one package of paper towels. Speaking of paper towels, just one dishcloth can actually replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels and can be reused over 200 times with proper washing.


When you walk into a boutique shop, you might see a lot of different jewelry in the store. A lot of the jewelry found in the boutique shop come from local businesses and often include handmade items such as handmade bracelets and necklaces. That is what makes the jewelry unique since it’s often handmade or specially-crafted just for that boutique. It’s unlikely you’ll find the same items at your local retail store. There also will be some name-brand items too, some of which are high-end items that you might not see in your local retail store or mall.

Handbags and Purses

Handbags and purses might not be unique as a product but the types of handbags available at a boutique are often times unique and not sold in local stores. The handbags might be coming from another country, such as France, so it’s something you won’t have access to outside of visiting that country. Whether it’s unique in terms of where the handbag came from or unique in terms of the design, you’ll find a lot of interesting handbags at a boutique store. The prices can vary depending on the handbag, but all kinds of styles, brands, designs, and sizes are available at almost every boutique.


There are a lot of boutiques that sell paintings and a lot of these paintings are one-of-a-kind from painters all around the world. Home décor is a big part of the boutique business and it’s one of the more unique aspects of a boutique. You’ll find paintings in a variety of sizes and styles from local painters to the most famous well-known painters and the price isn’t too bad either.


Scarves are definitely found in boutique shops and they are unique since they often times are handmade or come from local businesses you’ve probably never heard of before. Scarves in all colors and styles can be found and they often are made from various materials. Whether you are looking for a scarf made from high-quality materials or you want a special crocheted scarf from a local business, you can find it all at a boutique. Trendy name brands are found but there’s also a unique selection of odd scarves too that you can check out.

These are just some of the unique items you’ll find in a boutique shop beyond the normal clothing items you might be heading to the boutique store to purchase. It’s kind of like going into a thrift store since you can find a variety of items coming from both local and well-known national brands and businesses. Sometimes the prices can be a little steep, but there are many amazing deals to be had at a boutique as well.

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