What are Swedish Dishcloths?

Note: We've actually made a new and improved version of this article that you can read here: Swedish Dishcloths 101 Have you heard about Swedish dishcloths before, but have no clue what they actually are? You are not alone, as many people have either never heard of it before. It is becoming one of the hottest trends in the eco-friendly world as well as the kitchen world. Regardless of whether you have or have not heard of Swedish dishcloths before, you likely will want one once you are told what they do. Since Swedish dishcloths seem to be getting even more popular this year, we thought we would tell you a little bit about the dishcloths. You might think it is just another name for your regular dishcloth in the kitchen, but you would be wrong. Here are some of the basic details about the Swedish dishcloths and how they can help you with all of your kitchen or cleaning needs.

When Were Swedish Dishcloths Invented?

The Swedish dishcloths have been around a very long time, although most people in America are just now getting around to checking out this amazing kitchen product. It was actually invented back in 1949, and it started out of Scandinavia. A man from Sweden made this product and completely new material using both renewable fibers and natural fibers. Cellulose and cotton are the fibers that the Swedish dishcloths are made out of, and it also uses a water-based ink in order to be both biodegradable and reusable. The Scandinavian people try to follow the guidelines of recycling naturally and reusing. That is where the Swedish dishcloths come into play, as they were invented back then to be a reusable dish towel. If you go over to the Nordic region, you will notice that almost no one uses paper towels. Instead of using paper towels, people in the Scandinavian region use the Swedish dishcloths.

What Really Are Swedish Dishcloths?

As mentioned above, Swedish dishcloths are made out of 70 percent cellulose and 30 percent cotton. These are dishcloths that are able to be reused hundreds of times, replacing both your paper towels and your regular kitchen sponges. They are highly-absorbent and will clean up spills and other household messes in a breeze. You can use them to clean off your dishes, clean your stove, sinks, bathrooms, bathtubs, or just use them as super absorbent paper towels. Just think of this, one Swedish dishcloth can actually replace 17 rolls of paper towels! That is pretty amazing and it also saves you a lot of money and is so much better for the environment. The Swedish dishcloths will also air dry really quick, which means no more smelly kitchen sponges that you have to try to boil the smells out of. If the dishcloth does begin to smell, just throw it in the laundry or dishwasher, and it can quickly become like new. Beyond that, you can use the Swedish dishcloths to clean nearly anything and everything around you. In your kitchen, it can clean surfaces, such as stoves or counters, or just be used to wash dishes. You can use this product for almost any cleaning activity you have in your house, replacing all other cleaning sponges and rags. It can handle over 15 times the weight of the dishcloth in liquid, making it perfect for cleaning up your messiest messes. Lastly, the Swedish dishcloths are eco-friendly, and can be reused hundreds of times before they have to be tossed out. It does not pill or crumble like your ordinary kitchen sponge, so it will look like new for a very long time, and work just as well as the day you bought it even months later. They are biodegradable so you will not have to worry about them sitting in a landfill for eternity either. If conservation is something you are into, then the Swedish dishcloths is the best way to protect the environment and landfills from being filled with useless paper products.