The Main Benefits of Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish dishcloths are becoming more popular in the kitchen these days. You might have heard the name Swedish dishcloths before, but it is likely you might not really know what makes them so much better. There are several benefits of using Swedish dishcloths over traditional dishcloths. If you are into the latest trends for your kitchen, then this might be a product you should check out. Keep reading because we are going to tell you the biggest benefits of the Swedish dishcloths.

Top Benefits of Swedish Dishcloths - Why Should you Buy?

Highly Absorbent

One of the biggest benefits of the Swedish dishcloths is that they are highly absorbent. These dishcloths can hold up to 15 times the weight of the dishcloth in liquid! That is amazing, especially when you consider how easily paper towels can rip when trying to absorb a spill. It can take sometimes half a roll of paper towels to get up one spill. The Swedish dishcloths on the other hand, can absorb a ton of liquid, making cleaning spills from the kitchen or elsewhere a breeze. If you use a kitchen sponge, then you know just how little they can absorb water or other liquids if you are trying to clean up. The Swedish dishcloths go above and beyond both paper towels and kitchen sponges to quickly get up nearly any spill you have.

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

As mentioned above, Swedish dishcloths can replace both the kitchen sponge and the many rolls of paper towels that you buy each year. The Swedish dishcloths are also eco-friendly because of these reasons and other reasons. Wasting paper is a huge problem these days, so people try to eliminate paper products when and where they can. Instead of buying rolls of paper towels, which are in most cases not eco-friendly, you can just switch to the Swedish dishcloths. They are biodegradable as well, which also makes it a very eco-friendly option for your kitchen. Most of the Swedish dishcloths are made of 70 percent cellulose and 30 percent cotton. Water-based inks are also used for the designs, so they are very eco-friendly in the materials used to make the product.

Incredibly Versatile

The Swedish dishcloths are also incredibly versatile, since they can take the place of napkins, paper towels, kitchen sponges, and regular dishcloths. You will be able to clean up spills and messes with this dishcloth, as well as clean your bathrooms, wash dishes, and do so much more. Nearly anything that you use a regular dishcloth for, you can use the Swedish dishcloths for. The only exceptions are things like using it in the microwave to cover a bowl, which you should try to avoid with these dishcloths. If you have children, then these dishcloths would be very handy since you can clean up messes, rinse it off, and continue using it for all of your other needs too.

Can be Reused Hundreds of Times

With the Swedish dishcloths, you can reuse one hundreds of times before you need to get another one. A lot of people have the same Swedish dishcloth for about 10 months or 12 months before they have to get another one. You are able to clean the dishcloth in the laundry or in the dishwasher when it starts to get funky and then let it air dry. Once it has dried, continue using it as normal, and repeat that process as needed. With regular kitchen sponges, you have to either clean them every week or two in the dishwasher or just throw it away and get another. It is hard to get smells out of the kitchen sponges, and they also break down a lot quicker. The fibers in the Swedish dishcloths will not break down nearly as fast, so you can continue washing and reusing for months.

Saves You Tons of Money

Lastly, the Swedish dishcloths are beneficial because they will save you hundreds of dollars each year. Since they are long-lasting dishcloths, you do not have to worry about running out every week to buy more paper towels or napkins. Paper towels are pretty expensive to purchase, even if you purchase them in bulk at places like Costco. With the Swedish dishcloths, you just buy one or two, and that is the only purchase you will need to make for the entire year! If you are someone on a budget, then you will appreciate the long-lasting power of the Swedish dishcloth. Want to learn even more about cellulose sponge cloths? Check out our mega guide here: