Biodegradable Swedish-quality dishcloths that last 1 year.

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Swedish dishcloths are a specialty sponge cloth made from a mixture of cellulose and cotton. The proprietary formula combines the benefits of a regular dishcloth, with the high absorption properties of a sponge.

Eco-friendly & Durable

what’s in it for youA combination of cellulose and cotton makes our dishcloths absorbent and efficient.

Long-Term SavingsReusable dishcloths will save you money in the long-term and reduce waste.

What’s special about our product

BiodegradablePlant-based dishcloths will not harm the environment.

Saves moneyPaying a little more up front will reduce your annual costs.

User-tested qualityWe have highly-satisfied clients all around the world.

Highly absorbentOur cloths can absorb 20 times their weight in liquid. Compared to a traditional cotton dishcloth, the results aren’t even close.

Odor-resistantThe fibers of the cloth dry quickly which helps prevent them from developing odors.

DurableThey hold up to nearly any cleaning task you throw at them and can last over 100 washes.

Plant-basedSwedish dishcloths are made of 30% Cotton and 70% Cellulose, the most abundant organic compound on Earth.

About Swedish Dishcloths

Reusable up to 100 times

Taking care of cellulose sponge cloths is a piece of cake. Throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher and they’re ready to reuse again and again.

Wash them in washing machine or dishwasher.

Let the cloth air dry.

Repeat the cycle and your dishcloth will last for up to 1 year.

Variety of cleaning applications

It’s easy to clean sinks, pots, stainless steel applicances, windows and mirrors with Swedish dishcloths. You can even use them for auto-detailing.

They’re flat, stiff and scrubby when dry.

They become spongy and malleable when wet.

Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces.

Quick dry

Swedish dishcloths dry out very quickly which helps prevent them from developing odors, unlike traditional sponges.

They dry in a couple of hours.

Much faster dry time than sponges and traditional dishcloths.

This helps prevent nasty smells and odors.

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Because of their eco-friendly formula, Swedish dishcloths take only 8 weeks to decompose.

Saves money

Swedish dishcloths can replace 3 things you probably have in your kitchen right now: Paper towels, Sponges, and Dishcloths.

User-tested quality

Over 5,000 ratings make our product an Amazon’s Choice.

See the difference with our cloths

How Swedish dishcloths compare to the alternatives and why people would rather use a Swedish dishcloth.

Swedish Dishcloth

Traditional Dishcloths

Environment Care

Take only 8 weeks to decompose without negative impacts.

Can take years to break down, certain materials are not fully biodegradeable.

Anti-Odor Properties

Naturally fast-drying materials don’t give odors a chance to develop.

Damp towels are safe havens for odors, making them difficult to fully remove.

Money Saving

 Cost around $2 per cloth and a 10 pack of dishcloths can last for years!

Buying paper towels and sponges with short lifespans is more expensive in long-term.

Over 50,000 happy people trust
our product. And here’s why

Why you’ll love them


Made with natural materials: cotton and cellulose.

Only 8 weeks to decompose.

Variety of Applications

Suitable for many different surfaces.

Can be used when dry or wet.

Money Saving

Reusable and last for 9-12 months.

Eliminates paper towels and sponges.

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